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Job in Tourism - Should holidays always be abroad?

Job in Tourism - Should holidays always be abroad?

31 Luglio 2010

A commerciai currently on air shows pictures of thè Bel Paese, while our Prime Minister's voice-over invites our compatriots to visit Italy. In an open letter to Minister Brambilla, Roberto Corbella, the President of ASTOI (Associazione Tour Operator Italiani), has written the following, among other things: "the invitation to choose Italy in piace of other countries has been, in my opinion, inappropriate, because it risks being perceived as anautarchie suggestion, in addition to sounding like an accusation against ali the Italian enterprises with dozens of thousands of people who work hard and seriously to offer a sound produet in line with the market's demands".

And further on: "We belong to Europe, and you have personally promoted a coordinated action with countries such as France and Spain, which are simultaneously important destinations for our tourists and sources of flows towards Italy. How can we explain to them this closed attitude without risking criticaire actions?" I am not a chauvinist, nor am I a particular admirer of our tourism minister; stili, I wonder: who should take care of highlighting our points of excellence? Perhaps our competitors? I find it difficult to picture those masters of communication that are the French suggesting to vacation in Italy, or the Spanish, in the midst of a tourism crisis, presenting our coasts as a holiday maker's heaven. We constantly complain about the lack of concrete actions and yet, when we are finally faced with one, we raise protests; if one criticisms hould be voiced, on the contrary, it would be that "the barn door has been closed after the horse has bolted",that is, the commerciai has been released too late, when the majority of prospective tourists have already chosen and booked their holidays. This for what concerns tourism promotion; a commerciai, however, should also have the purpose to motivate some tourism operators, by conveying the message that tourism is not a gift from God, but rather must be earned by showing serious commitment. Last Friday I phoned the boatingcompany Servizio Marittimo del Tigullio to inquire whether on the next day the scheduled departure from Rapallo to the Cinque Terre would take piace (it seemed to me a logicai question to ask, having to drive there from Milan to take a boat at 9 a.m.), and I received the following irritated answer by a Rossella O'Hara emulator: "What do I know? Tomorrow is another day!". On Saturday I therefore took a Ferrovie Nord train to Como, I took a beautiful tour of the lake on a line boat, with a number of stops, here for coffee, there for anaperitif, and stopping for lunch at a pleasant restaurant in Bellano, the Pesa Veja. Surely, at the end of the year the Liguria region is not going to miss the 200 euros I would have spent in ali; but, if this is the attitude, how many 200 euro amounts will be missing? And then, once again, there will be complaints that "business is not going well".

A commerciai on this topic would really not do any harm, and with this reflection let me wishali our readers a good month of August; we will be present again with the 27 August issue. Translation of the italian editorial by Paola Praloran -- Di Antonio Caneva

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